Nendoroid Luigi PVC Figure Looks Amazing

Nendoroid Luigi PVC Figure

When it comes to the toy world you get two types, one being for kids and the other for adults like us at EQUNIU. With that being said we get a look at the upcoming Good Smile Company Nendoroid release that features Luigi, the less famous Super Mario Brothers. Good Smile Company has released some great figures in the past that are always cute but come with great detail and little extras so they don’t disappoint with the Nendoroid Luigi PVC Figure. What you get is a Warp Pipe, a Bullet Bill, and a Goomba. Also with the figure you get two sets of legs one for jumping and the other for running. The Nendoroid Luigi PVC Figure is available now for pre-order for about $31 at Hobby Search.

PRICE: $31.79